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Making a difference keeping and recruiting men teachers in Canada

Just wanted to share a quick story that impacted me at our recent MECE (“Knights at the Kids Table”) conference in Canada. During one of the breaks during the conference a gentleman came up to me and shared this story. I have to admit that I didn’t recognize him as our paths have not crossed […]

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Report on KNIGHTS AT THE KIDS TABLE – Manitoba, Canada

On a beautiful May 24, 2018, thirty eight (38) men and women spent the day together at the first ever Can Am Men in Early Childhood Educations (MECE) event. Jodie Kehl, Executive Director of the Manitoba Child Care (MCCA), Don Giesbrecht, President of the Canadian Child Care Association (CCCF) and Michelle Steven-Wiens, acting Director of […]

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Inclusion of male staff working with inclusive (special needs) care in Canada

I just got this report from one of a group of ECE students (all female) that came for a 2 hour visit. The main theme of their visit was inclusion of children with additional needs, but you never miss a chance to throw in a good conversation about men in ECE (at least I never […]

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MECE gatherings in Canada a great success

We just had our last MECE meeting last night. It’s the one attached to our local ECE Conference. It was an ;absolute brilliant night of sharing stories and reminding each other of our most important work. We were thrilled to have our Provincial Minister of Children and Youth Opportunities join us (see attached photo – […]

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Dreams for Manitoba men in early education

I found it interesting that one of Canada’s largest cities has taken on an initiative because of concerns that 80% of their teachers are female.  See attached article.  Yet is continues to be difficult to convince ECE Educators, Provincial Governments, or Employers in Centres to consider any significant initiative when the number of women in […]

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Playmakers in Haiti

[MenTeach: If you watch the video you’ll see many young men involved in play. For many men, play is a great place to get involved in children’s lives and can serve as a great recruiting program for men to become teachers.] From Ron Blatz: My friend Roger sent this link recently, about a great work […]

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