MenTeach: It is with true regret that I wanted to tell readers that we have lost a creative, talented, unique man in the early education profession. Adam Buckingham of New Zealand died on February 1, 2015. I met Adam more than 10 years ago through e-mail correspondence. He wanted to use some of my early MenTeach work and asked me about it. We struck up a long distrance friendship – he in New Zealand and me in the United States.

We kept in contact for several years until I was able to visit New Zealand and present at their Early Childhood Men New Zealand conference. It was a great experience and Adam invited me to stay at his house and show me around. I got to spend time with his wonderful family – his wife and two children. We toured some schools where he has worked and had done presentations.

A little background is needed here. Adam took stuff – what most would call trash and he would turn it into exciting, fun adventures for children. His small garage was filled with all sorts of lovely junk that he would assemble into amazing creations. I saw many of those works at the programs in action. The children loved playing with them. The pieces were not only entertaining but educational.

I encourage you to connect to the links and read about Adam. I will miss him and encourage us to consider the wonderful contribution he made to our profession and in particular for men teachers everywhere.