People wanted to know:

Did you get the classroom finished?
I actually just got back from my classroom. It was the second time that I visited it. It’s pretty empty. I’ve got about three pages of notes regarding things that I want to do. So, it’s definitely a work in progress at this point.

How are you managing both your fulltime job AND starting a new one?

Thankfully, my summer job ends Saturday. My first ‘report date’ for my teaching job is Wednesday. We’re heading to a retreat for a couple days, starting Wednesday. I typically work 5:15 am until 2:00 pm, then come back to my apartment and relax/sleep and then do a few teacher things in the evening, prior to bed.

Is there an orientation to the new job?

I actually went to new teacher orientation yesterday. I was going to write about it in this week’s entry. We mainly learned about our benefits package and filled out forms. I learned what a 401K is, which was kinda cool.

Nothing too exciting…

Have you met all the other teachers/staff? What are your first impressions?
I met the other new teachers at orientation. There’s only one other teacher
on staff that is fresh out of college, like me. Everyone else on staff are veteran teachers, just new to my school. I’ve met a few of the other teachers. Everyone seems pretty friendly and willing to help. We’re having a meeting about the retreat on Monday, so I’m assuming that I’ll meet everyone else then.

What about parents? Met any yet?
I haven’t met any parents. I’m looking forward to it though.

Are there other male staff?

I think that there are other men on staff, however I think that they are all in the upper elementary and at the middle school level.

I’ll write a paragraph or two this weekend about orientation and starting to set up my room.

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