Sometimes on quiet days (or when we want a distraction from all the work we have) we’ll do a search on the internet about male teachers, men teachers, or this time “male teacher training programs.”

We found a very interesting program called: MATES – Male Teacher Support program, where else but Australia. The interesting thing about the program is that Dr. Teresa Moore has developed a curriculum with modules to set up a training program. The website describes the program:

“The MATES project is a multifaceted strategy aimed at recruiting and retaining quality male teachers. The project has been designed to offer support from the time of recruiting secondary students, assisting male university students through their teacher training program and then on-going support as they enter their professional life in schools. This support is also extended to the mature aged student. This project has also been designed to support and network experienced male teachers.”

Go to the website and download the pdf that’s posted at the bottom of the page and see if you can develop a program at your university or college.