I was reading through some online newspapers.

One from Sauk Center, Minnesota (a part of the state that is home to the Prairie Home Companion host Garrison Keillor’s Lake Wobegone) and the other from China.

The Minnesota article was about an old town hall that was being moved. In the news back in 1891 the township added some outhouses to the school, some books and hired a male teacher.

Back in those days, the number of women teachers were starting to outnumber the number of men teachers and that percentage has remained the same since.

I also read about the need for more male teachers in China. The issues about few men teachers is the same all over the world:

1) Stereotypes
2) Fear that men will harm children
3) Low status and low pay

Fortunately, I do find more and more articles appearing about the topic of male teachers. And there are some countries trying to make some positive changes.