I was thinking about a group of men that I met with a few months ago. They’ve been organizing and trying to meet as a group. It’s slow going. Sometimes guys don’t show up for the dinner or get-together, which can be challenging for the man that is organizing the activity.

What I’ve come to realize that for many men who teach, the quality or characteristic that helps them remain in the field, persistence and independence also causes them to not want to belong to a group. Paradoxical isn’t it.

What I have found is for a group to succeed requires them to have bigger purpose or vision for their group. Aiming at a common goal helps the group to grow as a group and build closer connections.

For example, a group may want to organize around putting out a publication or brochure for their community. Or they may want to present a workshop at a state conference. A group I helped start ended up doing a statewide survey. The process of doing the project helped us get closer together and become friends.

What have you tried?