We read about new graduates trying to find a job as a teacher. They often are frustrated that, after four years (and sometimes more) of teacher education and loans to repay, they cannot find a teaching job. One of the biggest challenges is that people often do not want to relocate.

We can understand this reluctance to move. But there are teaching jobs out there – IF a person is willing to relocate.

Teaching is an outstanding career. You can read some of the stories about men who love teaching on the MenTeach website.

Become a teacher
If you are interested in becoming a teacher there are a few questions that you need to answer in order to know what you will need to do to become a teacher. Do you already have a degree?

Read an article about Making the switch to teaching.

If you do not have a degree look this site over: Recruiting New Teachers.

If you do have a degree, you will need to get a license to teach. Read some of these articles to find out more about what others are doing to make the transition to teaching.

Read how to get alternative teacher certifcation.

Another way to get a teaching license: American Board for Teacher Certification and you’ll be able to see your state listed.

The Department of Education has a webpage: So You Want To Be A Teacher? that lists some information about becoming a teacher (some of them will be duplicates of links we already have on MenTeach).

There are often local or regional resources about teaching. It’s important to find out what are your states or areas rules and regulations about certifcation. This site has some interesting resources about becoming a teacher – Why Teach?

If you do your research, are willing to put the time and energy into getting certified AND are willing to relocate – you can become a teacher.