Another movie about a male teacher will come out in the future starring Jack Black (he also starred School of Rock – 2003). In this new movie he will be a teacher that finds that he has magical powers like a witch and is recruited to attend a school for witches (a la Harry Potter) but the school is for all women.

There has been a long history of movies about male teachers – Goodbye Mr. Chips (1939 & 1969) and more recently, and not all positive, Half Nelson (2006) about a drug addict teacher and Chalk (2007) the challenges of being a new  teacher.

And of course for younger children there was Daddy Day Care (2003) that Eddie Murphy starred in and where MenTeach worked with Sony Pictures to offer free screenings when the movie came out.

Here is some of the movies we’ve either seen or heard about:

How Green Was My Valley
Goodbye Mr. Chips
The Faculty (horror)
Blackboard Jungle
Kindergarten Cop
Lean On Me
The Tao of Steve
Harry Potter Movies
Stand and Deliver
Mr. Holland’s Opus
Être et avoir “To Be & To Have”
Daddy Day Care
School of Rock
Fever Pitch
Emperor’s Club
In and Out
Akeelah and the Bee
Half Nelson

Are we missing any?