by Gregory Uba - Men in Child Care CAEYC

[MenTeach: We thought this was an interesting perspective about dealing with the global economic crisis. Perhaps using the current situation as an opportunity would be an effective strategy for recruiting unemployed men to consider teaching.]

The State Budget Crisis is having a huge impact on programs. Many of you have probably already heard of State Preschools turning in their contracts and closing centers. Child Care Resource and Referral Agencies have reduced services and cancelled trainings.

What does this mean for California Association for the Education of Young Children (CAEYC)?

Beach Cities AEYC sees this as an opportunity. Meetings are being planned between BCAEYC and Resource and Referral and Community College ECE colleagues. Pooling resources and offering trainings to Resource and Referral participants gives us access to family childcare providers, the database of licensed programs and in some cases access to parent projects.
BCAEYC will hard to turn this crisis into an opportunity. With perseverance and by taking a little risk, we hope that when the dust settles, BCAEYC will have become the best and best known choice in our communities for professional development.

Beach Cities nurtures linkages with Childcare Resource and Referral, a Public Policy Committee member is a manager at one of the premier Resource and Referral Agencies in LA County. BCAEYC also has Board Members representing 4 local Community Colleges.

Past Prez, Gregory Uba and Public Policy Committee Member Kalem Aquil have even put Father Involvement Trainings on the table for consideration.

What is your affiliate doing during the current crisis? Will you reduce your services? Or will you take advantage of the opportunities?

The thing that separates managers from leaders is that managers manage resources. Leaders manage vision. Be a leader.

Gregory Uba
Men In Child Care, BCAEYC Public Policy Chair and Past Prez of BCAEYC