Every day we see more and more stories about men teaching – the attention to this topic is hopeful and we believe an indication of the interest.

Both the posting of the article to ABCNews.com and the Good Morning America segment generate more than 30,000 hits in one day to the MenTeach.org website! We’ve been watching the comment section of their site and have read many stories.

Here is one comment:

“Regarding male teachers. I have three sons who are teachers – 26, 28, & 29. Two teach high school and have had an easy time finding a job in the state of Michigan.

My son who teaches elementary school has had a difficult time finding an elementary school job. He has been down to the last two out of several hundred potential teachers several times and a female candidate has always been hired. He is teaching in Monterrey, Mexico, 6th grade and did not find it difficult to teach elementary in an International school.”

or another:

“This is so absurd!!!

Why is it when a male decides to be an elementary teacher or a Sunday school/youth group leader they are instantly labeled as a pedophile or a creeper? Is the true problem that a lot of the male teachers tend to run their classrooms with a stern voice and don’t put up with a lot of the c r a p the students pull? I know there are female teachers that can run their classrooms with an stern voice and get the respect of their students, too.

Too many of the sex-starved female teachers have gotten away with their illicit acts and parents still prefer female teachers. As long as the teacher is qualified and teaches the curriculum to my child I don’t care if they are male or female, black, white, green or purple.

We are too much of a discriminatory people. The news had made sure that we find out every nasty detail of violence, sex abuse, child abuse, & neglect they can lay their hands on. This stuff had gone on for years and it is not to going to change until we start prosecuting these predators.

Praises to all teachers, they are one of the most underpaid occupations we have.

We entrust our most precious children to their care for many hours a day, they deserve a fair shake.”

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