MenTeach Mentors

Young men, ages 14 – 15 years old, need men mentors who are currently working or have worked with children. The young man will be working in youth programs, child care and schools this summer.

There are three levels of involvement:

1) Career day – This is a one-time visit to the youth’s worksite where you have an opportunity to discuss your career path and teaching.

2) Shadow day – This is a one-time tour for the young man to come to your worksite. The young man will learn more about what you do as a teacher or in your current job. The young man and their worksite supervisor will arrange transportation to your company.

3) Mentor match – Nine (9) week one-to-one match
· There will be a 30 minute orientation for you, arranged at your site.

· Two face-to-face meetings with the young man between June 15 and August 14, 2009.

· One weekly phone call or e-mail message to your youth partner.

· Young man visits the mentor’s work site one time.

· Mentor visits the young man’s work site one time.

· Attend a Summer Celebration in August with young man.