by Hajjah Mahanom Basri - Maylaysia

The year 2015 had brought us beautiful and meaningful memories in our Early Chilhood industry in Malaysia.

The most interesting and successful one was our involvement and achievement in the Malaysia Book of Records. The great idea was from the CEO of Kids Campus, En. Muhammad Shukri and his team who also as safety officer suggested to organise this great event. In fact, three quarters of those who were involved in the planning and strategizing were men. Since time was a real constraint, committee meetings were held day and late nights and all members were men.

Involvement and commitment from the State Welfare Department, the Fire and Rescue Department, Lecturers and Students of Local Universty plus more than 60 Childcare Centres and almost 3000 children.

The record breaking was a real history to our country since this is not done yet in any of the countries in the whole world according to the research done by the team.
Our record is specially recognised as ‘The most Simultaneous Children participation in fire drill event.’

November  26th, 2015 was a real lucky day where everyone who was involved were very excited to participate – from infants to preschoolers, very young children in the Childcare Centres, the teachers and Early Childhood Educators, the University students who became facilitators, the Officers from the State Welfare Department, the Fire and Rescue Department who wore their full uniforms which children enjoyed most including their Directors and the Senior Officers were present during the launching of the event at the SUK Childcare Centre which has almost one hundred children and staff. This event was a truly memorable and meaningful one where after the simultaneous fire drill event certificate awards were presented from The Malaysia Book of Records.

Our sincere intention is to instill safety awareness among children and staff in case of fire and any other emergencies including First Aid. Without the participation and involvement plus assistance of men, the event would not have been a reality, successful nor meaningful.

Thank you again for all men who were directly and indirectly involved and wish that this success story will be a great experience and model of the need and importance of men in Early Childhood.