There are a number of films about male teachers. Some are better than others but all portray men as teachers. Do you have any favorites? Are we missing any?

Here’s a list:

1939 & 1969 Goodbye Mr. Chips
1955 Blackboard Jungle
1970 Halls Of Anger
1984 Teachers
1989 Lean On Me
1988 Stand and Deliver
1990 Kindergarten Cop
1991 Shout
1995 Mr. Holland’s Opus
1997 In and Out
1998 Good Will Hunting
2000 The Tao of Steve
2001 The Harry Potter Movies
2001 Finding Forester
2002 Emperor’s Club
2002 Etre et avoir “To Be & To Have”
2003 Daddy Day Care
2004 School of Rock
2004 Millions
2005 Fever Pitch
2005 Akeelah and the Bee
2006 Half Nelson
2007 Chalk
2008 Entre les murs “The Class”

Do you have any that you think should be added?