Nearly one quarter, 24% of Today’s Students, Tomorrow’s Teachers (TSTT) students are male. We are collaborating with schools in New York City and Rochester City to expand our Male Teacher of Color Initiative to increase the number of male teachers and improve the academic outcomes of high school students and college graduation rates among students at the Bronx Academy for Heath Careers, the Eagle Academy for Young Men and the Leadership Academy for Young Men in Rochester City.

Why is the TSTT Male Teacher of Color Initiative Important?

In an effort to address the myriad of challenges facing the male students of color including low high school and college graduation rates and high unemployment, Today’s Students Tomorrow’s Teachers launched the New York Male Teacher of Color Initiative in the Fall of 2012.

In the United States, 1.3 million students from the class of 2010 didn’t graduate from high school. Nearly 73,000 of these students were from New York City alone. If we could reduce the current number of dropouts by just half in New York City, we would yield almost 35,000 new graduates a year, and it would more than pay for itself. Studies show that the typical high school graduate will obtain higher employment and earnings — an astonishing 50 percent to 100 percent increase in lifetime income — and will be less likely to draw on public money for health care and welfare and less likely to be involved in the criminal justice system.

This initiative provides a unique and exceptional set of services and educational activities to ensure these students will graduate from high school and are prepared for success in college.

The TSTT program is based upon an 8-year, full circle, collaborative model. Our partnerships include public school districts, colleges, and businesses that share our concern for the educational and career aspirations of all children.

TSTT serves our students by encouraging and preparing them while in high school and college. Our program is designed to reverse the growing shortage of highly qualified teachers, particularly teachers of color. TSTT has a successful track record of improving student academic achievement, high school and college graduation rates and teacher certifications. TSTT has produced over 150 graduates who are now teachers and has a 100% placement rate.

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