Ruth & Paul _______
Winnipeg, MB
June 9, 2008

Dear Discovery Centre Staff,
Re: Alicia

It is with regret that I inform you that Alicia will no longer be attending Discovery Children’s Centre after the last day of school, June 26th. We will be making arrangements for part-time home care in our school division area, as Alicia will be attending Bruce Middle School in September.

I can’t tell you how much it has meant to Alicia, and to our family, to have Alicia attend Discovery for the past 9 years. She has grown into a kind, friendly, self-confident girl thanks to the care and attention she has received from your staff. We think of you as more than caregivers, we think of many of you as our good friends. Through the years, lots of people have heard me say that I feel Alicia is attending the best daycare in the city and that I feel very lucky that her father chose your facility. It was at a time in Alicia’s life when her mother chose to move on and I know Alicia was less affected due to the kindness and understanding she received at Discovery Children’s Centre.

As many of you know, Alicia went through another traumatic change in her live when she came to live with us, her grandparents, on a permanent basis. You were all very supportive, and none of you judged, and I thank you for that too. Most children who have had the same life experiences as Alicia would become either aggressive, or withdrawn, but with the help of your staff her confidence didn’t waiver.
I know there will be tears on Alicia’s last day at Discovery. She will very much miss all her friends and her caregivers, as will I. I would be so happy to give your center a fantastic reference as no other place on earth could have given my granddaughter better care. Thank you everybody, and a special thank you to a few of you that have really touched our hearts. It has been a wonderful atmosphere for Alicia to grow up in a facility with both male and female caregivers. She is comfortable with both men and women and often surprises

people with her friendliness. We have had male friends in our house that are amazed at how Alicia relates to them while other children they have met seem to shy away. I know this is due in part to the professionalism and personal caring from the staff at Discovery.

I have put off writing this letter to the last minute because I knew it would be difficult. There’s always the possibility that, as Alicia grows up, she will become one of you, as being a daycare worker has always been one of her career choices. This is no doubt due to the good memories she holds from her time at Discovery.

Thanks to those of you who have changed Alicia’s diapers, mended her scratches, shown her kindness and kept her safe. But most of all, thanks for helping build her self-confidence and wonderful personality. I think she is well prepared for middle school and that she will do well in life thanks to the strong foundation you have helped build.

Thank you.
Ruth ______