My name is Kevin and I am an Early Childhood Educator in Chicago, Illinois. I have been teaching since 1996 and I love it.

There is nothing better to me than teaching the children and listening, observing and helping each child grow, learn, and make choices. And to hear them say, “Teacher Kevin is my teacher.” My dear friend that’s what it’s all about!

But I have had difficult times too.

I am sending you an email not only to introduce myself and to try to meet other men in the field of Early Childhood, but to thank you and to tell you how much I appreciate the MenTeach website. Many times I check it out and enjoy.

I am so excited!

At the end of September here in the Chicagoland area at a very large Early Childhood Conference, I will have the opportunity to share by giving a presentation about how it feels to be a male in the field of Early Childhood and the barriers that myself and other men who are in the field have faced, will face, or are currently facing. I will also be talking about ways of recruiting men etc.

As I continue to look at my outline and look at what needs to be addressed it just rekindles the fire that is inside me about why I am in this wonderful field and the importance of men in Early Childhood.

Well, thanks so much for taking the time to read my email, thanks for the great website, and have a beautiful day.

Your friend,