by Kristen Jeter - Mwalimu Men Inc.

I’ve recently started a scholarship fund to help increase the African-American, male grad-school teaching population in the USA. The nonprofit is called Mwalimu Men Inc, and we will be giving out one $2,000 scholarship this year. I’m writing because I need help finding men who would be interested in applying. We’re accepting application from all Black men anywhere in the process to becoming an educator, not just high school seniors on their way to undergrad. If you know Black male teachers-to-be who could use this help, please encourage them to apply at Also, I’m asking for suggestions as to where exactly I should be promoting to get the word out. We are most excited to give this money away and help someone make a real difference in this country.

Thank You,
Kristen Jeter
Founder of Mwalimu Men Inc