by Gregory Uba

I have a contact with KCET that is looking for family child care providers to be part of a nation-wide early care and education show that has been successful in california… you can nominate a Family Child Care provider from your community, it is no longer limited to california!

I wanted to put it out there to the men first!

The program has welcomed men – CAEYC board member Moises Roman is a featured curriculum expert.

I, Gregory Uba from Beach Cities AEYC, have appeared several times.

Here’s the scoop…


KCET is proud to announce the production of a third season of their award winning series, A Place of Our Own and Los Niños en Su Casa. Our two programs are designed to give practical advice and tips to parents and caregivers, with a special emphasis on family, friend and neighbor (FFN) caregivers, of children ages zero to five.

As you may know, our shows can now be found on PBS stations nation wide! First 5 California is a major funder, thus the series fits several commission objectives, including the First 5 CARES FFN Track and First 5 School Readiness programs; providing direct early learning or child development services to young children.

The last two seasons we have highlighted caregivers throughout the state of California, in appreciation of their hard work. This season, we are asking for your help in nominating home based child care providers from your local community that you believe are doing an exceptional job in providing quality home based childcare. These providers can be licensed or exempt. Since our show airs in both English and Spanish we are looking for both English and Spanish speaking caregivers.

Please check our website for an opportunity to see childcare providers who have been recognized in previous seasons:

To nominate a caregiver of the week please visit our web site at:
Under the “Feedback Forum” you will find a nomination option, or you may contact me directly.

Thank you for your help and support in making our third season as great as the last! We look forward to receiving your nominations.

Kim Chavez
Associate Producer
A Place of Our Own/Los Niños en Su Casa

For a nomination sample or more information about the shows please see below. Should you have any queries feel free to contact me directly. Thank you once again!


KCET has been educating and entertaining Southern and Central California’s children for 40 years.  Now the West Coast’s flagship public television station has turned its attention to the adults in our children’s lives with two unique new productions, A Place of Our Own and Los Niños en Su Casa, which were honored by the George F. Peabody Award this year.

A Place of Our Own and the Spanish-language companion, Los Niños en Su Casa, are daily talk shows devoted to the needs of caregivers of pre-Kindergarten aged children.  The shows use a variety of techniques to help caregivers enhance the learning experiences of the children in their care, and to help prepare the children for entrance into formal school settings.  Through fun and interactive demonstrations using music, arts and crafts and more, the shows offer advice on important topics such as literacy, child nutrition, safety, discipline and socialization.  Experts in early childhood development and other special guests join show hosts in-studio.

Debi Gutierrez, former teacher, stand-up comedian, wife and mother of three, is the host of A Place of Our Own.  Los Niños en Su Casa is hosted by actress-singer-dancer-mother, Alina Rosario.

Sample Nomination:
Caregiver’s First Name:Pat
Caregiver’s Last Name: Alexander
Caregiver’s Email:
Caregiver’s Phone:
Caregiver’s City:, CA

Caregiver’s Background:
Pat Alexander has been a provider for 30 years.  She operates a large family child care facility.  Pat moved from San Jose, CA a few years ago where she had distinguished herself as a star provider.  She helped to establish an event in San Jose which honors providers annually.  She is an active advocate for children and for family child care.  She is the founder of an online support loop which links providers from all over the country.  This group shares all kinds of tips on the business of family child care, dealing with parents, curriculum ideas, etc.  I have been a part of the group since 1995 and we continue to grow and share.  The providers have met for a couple of gatherings.  We look for one another at National events or when we travel on vacations.  In sharing with providers we learn and are able to mentor, share information, encourage, and re-excite one another about family child care.  Pat is a three time nationally accredited provider and since moving to Elk Grove has once again put together a stellar child care program.  I was able to visit her facility during a conference in Sacramento and she has an awesome facility.  She has an awesome story to share about her life and her journey in family child care.  She would make a great Provider of the Week.

Three times Nationally Accredited
Five Star Provider
A true leader and teacher in the field of family child care.
Someone who continues to make a difference in the lives of children, families, and other providers