by Peter O'Reilly

The article in Newsweek was great. I have e-mailed you before with some research I have done as a student from Dominican University here in San Rafael, CA. My spring research was formatted as a newletter called the Dominican Habit and talked about teaching professionals and students. I am a returning adult student studying to get a B.A. and then a teaching credential.

I have two children, ages 6 and 11, and found an opportunity to become an instructional aid at my daughter’s school. I help a class of second and third graders and also teach the GATE program at the school.

The kids have been great as well as the teacher I get to help.

There is a program at the University called “Portfolios” that allows students to chronicle and research their work. This instructional aide participation will come in very handy for further research.

Also, I am going to use the Newsweek article in an info/research class for this year.

Just thought I would drop you this note as I am enjoying this part of my life.

Peter O’Reilly