by Tim Gray

I first discovered MenTeach while researching men in early childhood for an online ECE class I was taking. While scouring the internet for information, I came across an article entitled “Myths About Men Who Work with Young Children.” It became a part of a larger research project, and that project led me to finding MenTeach.

It has been my great pleasure over the past seventeen years to work with children ranging from infancy to high school. I’ve worked as a staff member with infants and toddlers, in an after school program for kindergarten through eighth grade, as a summer camp counselor, summer camp program coordinator, and I’m presently a lead teacher in a three year old preschool classroom as well as the pastor to children and youth at my church, both of the latter positions I’ve held for the past nine years. Working with kids is my path and my passion. Taking the online class solidified for me my desire to remain in the field of early childhood, and it reawakened my interest in the topic of men working within ECE.

Tim Gray