[MenTeach: We receive many, many e-mails asking for help. They are powerful messages about young men wanting to teach – either from their parents or the young men themselves. We usually receive hundreds of these inquiries – and we welcome them – after news reports. Here is one that we are posting anonymously.]

I was sitting watching Good Morning America today and the story about male teachers came on. It was grieving to think we are lossing our male teachers.

My son would not be where he is if it were not for the male teachers in his life. He had so many problems in the classroom and when he reached the 4th grade and had his first male teacher, life changed for my entire household.

Now son trying to finish his last year of college, an awesome athlete, has considered teaching. We have used a lot of resources to get him this far, and will find a way to complete his education.

My question: Where would we find a program that would help him switch and take the necessary classes to complete his degree and achieve a certificate in teaching. He has gone to Urbana University where he was recruited on a sports scholarship because he wanted to play sports.

He majored in Accounting (mostly because that is what the school had to offer), he is currently at home due to limited resources and because some of his course work for graduation the school suggested he take are available at our local university. So we decided for him to come home.

We would like some information to help or support his career decision to teach.