My name is X, I’m a 33 year old man who works in the music industry. My wife is a public high school teacher here. I am considering a career change: I feel called to work with high school kids, and I would love to coach football. Currently I’m planning to join a local high school for spring training practice.

Will someone please let me know more about resources for men who want to teach?  Specifically, are there programs that provide financial assistance for college requirements, or perhaps a lateral entry program?

I hold a bachelor degree (music); it’s likely that I will pursue math. Although we are currently in X we are planning to move to Raleigh, NC to be near my wife’s family within the next 2-4 years or so.

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Hi, X,

Great to hear you want to make the change to teaching. Many things line up for you – Math is a subject in demand and as having worked in the music industry you’ll be able to bring a unique perspective. And of course having the skills for coaching for football also is an added benefit.

Here is a link to look at financial resources:

Find & Keep a Job as a Teacher

One in particular would be The New Teacher project.

You don’t identify your race/ethnicity – keep in mind that there are additional scholarships available for underrepresented groups.

You may want to consider a Masters degree program although if you have too much education who do you think a school district will hire? Someone new out of school who they can pay minimum money or something with more education that they have to pay more?

There are some states that offer an Alternative credential program.

How to Become a Teacher in Your State

let us know how it goes – as you wife can tell you – it’s very challenging to be a teacher AND it’s very rewarding.