After 30 years of experience in early childhood care and education…only female teachers are being recruited in my centre.

I started engaging male staff in 2011 for a start. We have male teachers coming only for certain classes two contact hours per week. Gymnastics classes with Mr.Gan and Art and creativity classes with Mr.Adi and religious classes with Mr.Shukri.

The response were so good that children were very excited and looking forward for the class. Parents so far did not comment about anything…just ok.

This year starting from the 1st January, I make a very brave effort to recruit one full time male staff. Lets hope that parents will accept Mr.Fikri who is very talented, marvellous with caring skills and loves children very much so that our Malaysian society will begin to accept wholeheartedly about men who are involved in this industry.

Hajjah Mahanom
Principal Kids Campus Malaysia