Dr. David Kretschmer - Future Minority Male Teachers of California

Through the many hats I wear for the department, I have been getting pretty well connected with the men in our program and they have been reaching out to me on a variety of issues. The F2MTC project has certainly raised my awareness of supporting the men in our program and I do not know if it is through deliberate efforts to support them (I know that is the case for a few who have confided in me around terrible stuff that is going on in their lives) or just being a guy and just being there. Men seeking men in a field of women. These connections to our men has a different feel to it, the makings of a community within a community. I like it.

Thanks for listening.


David Kretschmer, Ph.D.
Department of Elementary Education
ACT Program Coorinator – Multiple Subject Option
PACT Coordinator – Department of Elementary Education
Office: ED 2116
Phone: (818) 677-2563