My name is Yvette Dalton-McCoy and I am the Associate Director of Graduate Diversity Programs at Tufts University located in the Boston Metro area. Attached you will see a flyer for our “Biannual Prospective Graduate Student Days”. This is a program for students to visit Tufts University and partake in a two day exploration of the graduate programs that Tufts has to offer at one of our 8 graduate schools.

Room and Board are entirely free to students and the faculty and staff who are accompanying them. The only cost is for transportation to Boston. Space is limited.  The attached flyers gives additional information about this program. We are looking for students who are on the graduate school track and can demonstrate this through a combination of GPA and activities in preparation for graduate school.

Specifically, if you are not associated with a program such as Ronald E. McNair or Leadership Alliance, you must provide the following:

.         Have a minimum GPA of 3.0
.         Provide a current official transcript
.         2 letters of recommendation from a faculty member and/or and an academic advisor. All recommendations are verified.
.         Personal statement on why you would like to attend

It should be noted that Tufts has innovative programs in graduate Education. Please follow the links below to our :

Urban Teacher Training Collaborative
NOYCE Fellowships
MSTE Program

Tufts is committed to diversity in all forms. We have schools and students  from all over the country stretching from the Appalachian region to points out West and everywhere in between these areas.

If you have any students who may be interested in attending. Please do not hesitate to contact me.


Yvette Dalton-McCoy
Associate Director
Graduate Diversity Programs
Provost’s Office
Tufts University
(617) 627-3152