I’m a 34 year old male who has always wanted to teach, but has always been discouraged from doing so by all the important people in my life, especially women. My mother has a Master’s Degree in Education and has been teaching since I was born in 1973. The funny thing is, she has been the biggest opponent to me becoming a teacher.

I wanted to go into education after graduating high school and she said I was too intelligent and/or gifted for this career and that it makes no money. I was told that she would not assist me in going to college unless it was as a lawyer, doctor or businessman. I tried to get a loan or grant to go to college on my own, but her and my stepfather made too much money for grants and all the banks I spoke with wanted them to co-sign.

I worked at factories trying to save money for me to go to school, but that was not working. So, I joined the US Navy and was accepted into the nuclear power program. I went through two years of schooling to operate nuclear reactors and was in the Navy for 12 years. I sustained an injury that forced me to leave the military. I’ve had several jobs since leaving the Navy, working for the nuclear power industry and in manufacturing supervisory and managerial positions. These jobs are not rewarding and generally cause more stress than it is worth. I keep thinking of becoming a teacher and finally have started to ignore all the nay sayers and have been looking into a career in education.

There is a problem though, I need to work my day job while getting my degree in education. My wife had some health problems over the last year so I need to maintain my health insurance. I’ve looked at local universities, but there are no “night school education degrees”.

Is there any online programs for education that you woould/could recommend? I still have my full GI bill available.

Thank You,
Andrew Young