My name is Barbara Barth and I wear a couple of hats at Central Maine Community College (CMCC) in Auburn, Maine. I’m an adjunct faculty member (economics), a part-time advisor (for General Studies students and student athletes) and the part-time Gender Equity Coordinator. In addition, I am an ordained Episcopal clergy who works in the Episcopal Diocese of Maine as a supply pastor/priest. As the Gender Equity coordinator at CMCC I oversee our “office” whose task it is to support men and women who are studying and preparing for work in non-traditional fields of study for their gender. Christina Libby is our resource person for purchasing at the College (she placed the order) and she forward your email to me.

When I started the Gender Equity job in August 2012, much of the emphasis was on women in technology and trades. Over this last academic year and the sowing of many seeds, we are at a place where the focus will intentionally include men in non-traditional fields of study (beginning in the fall 2012 term). Men have always been welcomed but, as I’ve stated, the emphasis has been on women in technology and trades. Non-traditional fields of study for both men and women need to be encouraged and supported. While I’ve known that men are underrepresented in teaching, I had not done much reading or research. So, I started to search for resources, did the usual “Google” search, and found MenTeach.

I spent some time reading and checking resources from your site including the section on resources. The title, Importance of Men Teachers: And Reasons Why There Are So Few, and its description caught my attention. I’ve had more than one occasion to talk with some of our male students at the College about teaching careers and I think MenTeach offers resources and insights for me to share. We are a two year community college and while some students graduate with an associate’s degree, other students transfer to four-year colleges or universities for a bachelor’s degree. The University of Maine at Farmington (UMF) is known for their education program and “making teachers.” I would be delighted to be able to recommend and send forth men from our College to UMF for education and careers in teaching.

Thank you for taking note of an order from a new contact. I look forward to learning from the resources of MenTeach and sharing those resources with our students. Thank you for the work that you do.

Be well.

Barbara L. Barth

The Rev. Barbara L. Barth

Adjunct Faculty/Retention Associate
Gender Equity Coordinator
Central Maine Community College
1250 Turner Street, Auburn, Maine 04210