by Don Piburn - MenTeach Hawai'i

Derry Koralek, the Chief Publishing Officer at NAEYC is looking for your photos of male (and female) teachers.  In her email to the M.E.N. Interest Forum below, she notes that submitting photos to NAEYC could be a way to raise funds for special projects.  Here is the link to NAEYC guidelines for any interested photographers:

It certainly must be easier for NAEYC to include more men in their content, imagery, and advertisements, if they have a larger and more diverse pool of photographs to consider!

Don Piburn

From: Derry Koralek
Sent: Thursday, April 17, 2014 11:33 AM
To: Don Piburn; Bryan G. Nelson; Frances Carlson; Rodney West
Subject: Re: [WFF MECE] Fwd: NAEYC Celebrates the Week of the Young Child!

Hello Don and the rest of the team.  Thank you for sharing.  We do try hard to represent all of the professionals in the field (not to mention the children and families).

We can always use more photos of teachers (men and women) engaged in DAP with young children from birth through age eight.  I’d be thrilled if you could spread the word.  Here is the link to our guidelines for photographers.

Recently I attended a fundraiser for an urban child care program.  After first writing a check of course, I suggested that submitting photos to us could be a way to raise funds for special projects.  It won’t pay the bills for big projects, but it could provide enough to cover smaller ones.  The director had never thought of doing this, even though the program had fabulous photos.