Are you interested in relocating to DC to serve on a teaching team at the University of the District of Columbia’s Early Childhood Lab School?

I have recently been given the responsibility to transform our child development center into a lab school.

I am searching far and wide for talented, diverse teams, especially males, to work in a Reggio-inspired, progressive learning environment that serves primarily Head Start children. The two teams, of three adults each, will consist a master’s degree level teacher ($50,000), a teacher-intern at the bachelors level ($40,000, with tuition support for the master’s degree), and an assistant teacher with and associates degree ($30,000 with tuition support for the bachelors degree). The salaries and benefits are highly competitive and hopefully they will attract talented individuals who are committed to doing the right thing for children and families.

I share this info with you in the hope that you can assist me with my recruitment efforts.

Maurice Sykes