Job Opening - Part Time Preschool Teacher

Job Opening – Part Time Preschool Teacher

Job duties: This is a part  time job  24.75 hours per week , in which you will be working with a co- teacher to care for children ages 2 – 5  years old in a center setting. Our preschool program is currently operating outside only, except for bathrooms, in fixed groups of 10 children and 2 teachers. But we hope to get back to a larger program that free flows indoor/outdoor as soon as covid permits. Currently this position is T/TH in person working on site and MWF online Zooming with children from your home.

You will work closely with the director and other teachers in implementation of  R.I.E., Outdoor Classroom Project principles and emergent curriculum. You will collaborate with fellow team members to create and maintain a developmentally appropriate environment and curriculum. You will attend a weekly staff meeting and some parent meetings and special events. With your co-teachers you will clean and prep the classroom on a daily basis. Our school is play based, non-judgemental and parent participatory. We have mixed age grouping and our children and teachers free flow throughout the environment indoors and out. ( Not at this time but soon we hope!) We believe children need a connection with nature in order to be whole. We believe conflict is an opportunity for growth.

Experience: Must have completed a minimum of 6 semester units of ECE courses. 1st aid and CPR certified desired. Live scan fingerprinting required. Previous experience in a childcare center is desirable, but not required.  Experience in Outdoor Classroom,  R.I.E. ,  Hand in Hand Parenting, and Echo Parenting  are desirable but not required.

Skills: Competent with computers. Be creative and flexible. Patient and ready to play indoors and outdoors with children. Ability to work and cooperate with adults. Bi-lingual is highly desirable. Ability to sit on the floor, sing, make play dough and  lift heavy things. You must be able to move quickly and play in the mud and rain.

Salary: Varies depending on education and experience in this field. Salary package includes, paid vacation and holidays, etc.

How to apply: Please submit a resume to with 3 references and  cover letter that explains what part of our philosophy speaks to you the most. Visit our website at to become familiar with our philosophy.

Salary: Based on experience and ECE units