by Basri Mahanom - Director - Sarjana Pintar Early Learning Centre - Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Male teachers being accepted positively among children and parents of childcare centres in Malaysia.

Early childhood in Malaysia is growing rapidly in our beautiful country of Malaysia. Currently more and more male teachers are involved in this industry. As such higher learning institutions, universities and colleges offer early childhood Diploma and Degree courses.

Surprisingly the number of male students have increase tremendously since last year taking Early Childhood Courses.

Having experience recruiting male staff, I would love to share some interesting stories. When he (Mr.A) came to register the first day at the centre he was already being surrounded by children, some holding his hands others went near him as if he is a wall to lean on. What an experience until he could hardly move! He would also play football with the children and often conduct nature walk activities with them.

The second story is about this male teacher Mr. B who has a red shiny car. Whenever he arrives at the Centre, the children will shout happily and say Ustadz (meaning “Teacher”) repeatedly. Cheerful faces greeted him and anxiously waiting for what the Ustadz teacher is trying to teach them.

We have another teacher who is teaching Gymnastics. The children again will say Mr. Gan come, several times, shook hands and automatically lining up eagerly to wait for Mr.Gan’ movement. All along the way we can see excitement and happy faces.

All the above stories reflect the appreciation male teachers have in Maylasia that will further encourage them to be involved.

Basri Mahanom, Director
Sarjana Pintar Early Learning Centre
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia