I’m applying for teacher assistant positions in Albany, NY. I’m an engineering major. I love technology. I started a summer job in 2006 after graduation to save some cash for my expensive engineering major.

That job changed everything.

It was a last minute placement as my first job placement suddenly was not available. Two weeks into waiting for an opening I was offered a position at a summer camp. I immediatly said yes without hesitation thinking they’ll place me somewhere that fits my experiences.

I received my worksite assignment. When I reached the address I was given to my surprise it was my old elementary school. Wow, did the memories start flying back. I started thinking what kind of engineering can I do here, it’s a school, I must have the wrong address. I walk in and there’s an armada of bright neon colored shirts in rows of two walking thru the hallway.

Still in my head I’m thinking I do hazardous work, how can I do the job I applied for at this site? I’m introduce to my worksite director and she brought me upstairs to a classroom full of very small tiny children reading Dr.Suess. I’m still thinking okay I’m going to setup cabling in the room she shows me or something. We quietly walk in and as the story ends the teacher and children give a warm good morning to the supervisor. She explains that today they’ll meet their new classroom teacher. I wondered where she was cause all the other classes ive noticed had two women in each room or leading a class.

Good Morning Mr. Sanchez!

It’s been four years since then, I was offered a position with the organiztion running the summer camp. I changed my major to early childhood education. Worked in various summer camps, After School programs and Head Starts. And just received my teacher assistant certification. After months of applying I just received an interveiw and all of a sudden I’m nervous.

Wish me luck!