by Jill M. Klefstad Ed.D. - Program Director, Early Childhood Education


[MenTeach: You can read about this group from a previous post]

I just wanted to follow up with this good news about our M.E.N. Organization on campus.  Read the email below…I sent this to our teaching partners in the field this morning. I am SOOOOO excited.

Hope you are doing well and life is good to you.

Good morning to you!

I am most happy to report that our ‘first official’ M.E.N. Organization meeting last night was a success. We had 12/14 male ECE students attending which allowed us to vote for officers and decide on dues and possible activities. They decided that they would like to create t-shirts, bring in guest speakers and engage in a community service project (if any of you have ideas, please let us know.)

The students also suggested inviting you to one of their meetings in the spring to continue the dialogue. I will keep you posted. This was such a GREAT meeting and I wish you could have all witnessed the camaraderie which was felt as these young men gathered together in support of their passions and desires to work with young children.

Personally, I have to admit that I was a little thrown off with the dynamics of an all-male meeting but sat back in awe as I watched these young leaders emerge.

One interesting fact that all of them shared was their capability to grow facial hair. As recorded in the minutes, 8/12 had no problems with that!

Another result of the meeting was that each of these young men paired up with one of you, our professional teaching partners in the field. I will be following up this email with the name of the student who paired with you and include their contact information. The students have your name and contact information as well. I encouraged each of them to make the initial contact but if you feel you want to send them an email first, please feel free to do so.

Again, I thank you for your involvement and participation and support of these young men in ECE. I am confident they will do ‘great’ things with you as their role models and mentors.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

With gratitude,


Jill M. Klefstad Ed.D.
Program Director, Early Childhood Education
Heritage Hall 117
University of Wisconsin, Stout