I’m a male going into Elementary Education! I had begun my student teaching last fall and had a very bad experience with a college evaluator who was very critical and unsupportive of my work. My evaluator treated me unfairly it seemed compared to the rest of the female student teachers whom she was in charge of as well.

Going into the field of elementary education which is dominated by females wasn’t an issue for me at first because of my passion for teaching and the joy I believed that would come from being a successful teacher.

After last year however, doubts have trickled into my mind about being a teacher and If I have what it takes to ignore the sterotypes from parents, colleagues and veteran female administrators and evaluators.

My question is: How do I win the respect of parents, colleages and evaluators as I continue my student teaching next fall at a different university?

Question number 2:  Is there any advise that you may give me that might help me right from the beginning say to all the female teachers, parents administrators that I’m here and have picked this career because I love it and am highly qualified and please don’t wonder why I am a man and chose this profession?

Teaching can be stressful enough without having my gender being an issue in the situation.

Please help me with encouragement and any advise because I do not want to ever quit and give up on my dream of being a terrific education!