Soren Gall

Over the last six months, Men in Early Childhood-Colorado has been working on an audio digital story project. The purpose of this project was to gather stories from men who are studying ECE, working in the ECE field currently, or had worked in the ECE field.

After the completion of the interviews in June 2016, there were 50 interviews conducted. The participants lived throughout the United States and Australia. There was a large range of experience and education within the participants, with freshman undergraduate students studying ECE to individuals with over 40 years of ECE experience.

Interested in listening to all 50 interviews? Check out the digital story SoundCloud account at:

Interested in listening to an abbreviated clip (13 minutes in length)? Look for the track entitled, “Men in ECE-Master Clip” on the SoundCloud account.

Interested in using audio clips for presentation purposes, media publication, or other opportunities? Please contact Men in Early Childhood-Colorado at for additional details.

Thank you again for the sponsors for this digital story project:
Denver’s Early Childhood Council
Jean and Duane Gall
Sonja and Joel Pancoast
Angie and Gene Elder

“I hope that all is well with you. I am not sure if you received the information yet, but we have essentially completed our project.

Here is the website that has recording of all of the stories (three of the stories are taking a little more editing, but it bascially has all of them):

We have begun to share this information with social media, and will soon begin to share this information with specific ECE-oriented organizations.

If you want to put on the MenTeach website, I can provide a more formal description of the project.

Thank you again for your financial support for this project.