As time pass by and our society in Malaysia has changed their mindset, it is no longer awkward to see men working in early childhood education area. They are administration staff doing management of the centre or as full time staff and also part time staff, children will enjoy them.

Firstly men are more stable emotionally, not as sensitive as women.

1) If any problem occurs especially grievances or any matters concerning the centre or the children, they will try to solve them rationally.

2) Men always are very strong to do all the necessary mobilizing corners. Arranging funiture and fittings. Carrying heavy stuff and other odd jobs that sometimes woman cant do it.

3) Technical matters concerning water, electricity, any bulb which are not functioning and other repairing elements. Men are smatt and handy thus minimising the operation cost of the centre. Just imagine to call a plumber for a few minutes will cost us about 300 Malaysian Ringgit which is considered exorbitant.

4) Men can perform interesting outdoor activities such as Football, Gardening. Go green for young children and gymnastics or any kind of sports.

We are moving towards encouraging and recruiting as many men as possible in this early childhood industry to ensure this young children will have good role models. i just hope that this is going to be a global participation of men in early childhood.

Thank you,

Hajjah Mahanom Basri, President
Association of Childcare Centres Selangor
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia