by Ron Blatz

Just finished the most wonderful gathering of the MECE group ever held by me in Canada. Thanks to the huge draw that Frances Carlson was, we had a group of over 25 people come to a meeting at my centre tonight.

We watched the DVD that she produced (including interviews with Bryan and Bonnie) and then spent the rest of the night going around the circle sharing our thoughts and questions with each other. Over 50% of the people had never been at a meeting before and there was something so special about how the evening evolved. It was inspiring, thought provoking, humorous, and at times even sad.

Frances and I also did a workshop at a conference today, which was good but in no way did it come close to what we pulled off tonight.

One Director shared that this was the first workshop she has ever been to that she has come away encouraged and excited.  Frances, the DVD and your presence made all that possible. And to think that this DVD came out of a commitment Frances put into the commitment bowl just 12 months ago in Hawaii [MenTeach: See the 2008 historic first world Men in Early Childhood Education – MECE]