Hello Everyone,

My name is Moises Roman, I work for the PBS affiliate in Los Angeles, KCET.  We are working on two shows for PBS that are a talk show format with an activity segment at the end related to the topic of the day.  This is a daily show that is aimed at informal providers that are at home with young children. The shows are called “A Place of Our Own” and “Los Ninos en Su Casa” the Spanish Version.

We need help for “Man in a Child’s Life” show that we are doing, we want to teach an activity that we could do in the studio but would help to reinforce the relatioship buliding concept but also unique to a man. Please repsond with your ideas ASAP.

I am also looking to get Nominees for our provider of the week segment from around the country. So if you know a really good family child care provider from you are please help us get them on our show.  We are especially looking for people in Ohio, New Mexico and Texas.