Darin Siefert - Principal in Missouri
I’m a male principal of one of the largest K-3 buildings in Missouri. I have roughly 1000 students, and 80 teachers. I have 2 male teachers on staff, one in 3rd and one PE teacher. Besides them, myself, I have a male custodian and a male food service worker.

Because of this and my experiences I am interested in the phenomenon of the ever decreasing amount of males interested in the primary elementary. As a part of my doctoral studies in Educational Leadership through the University of Missouri, I am going to study this problem.

I am particularly interested in the perceptions people (public, parents, students, and other teachers) have of the male teacher and how the male teacher perceives his role. I am thankful there is an organization like yours where I can get information and share knowledge. I therefore joined today.

How do I register on the website to be able to log in?  I can’t find that portion.

Also, my one and only male teacher was recently photographed and a story was written by the Missouri Photo Workshop, here is the link:


Thank you for all you do.