by Jeff Nelisen

I have thoroughly enjoyed perusing your site. I am an aspiring teacher in my junior year at Arizona State University. I am currently enrolled in an adolescent development class which requires a research paper. Being a 36 y/o male, I chose the topic of the role of men in early childhood education.

I have found many stats on your site as well as some of the common reasons why men may not choose this profession (pay, stereotypes, nurturing aspects, etc.). However, I was wondering if it was possible to get more personal input on questions like:

– What is the single biggest reason you stay in teaching (or left)?

– What are things you do to feel included in a female dominated career? Do you have a voice at staff meetings?

– Is it assumed you have to do all the “male” duties around campus (discipline, heavy lifting, etc.)? If so, do you mind?

– Is it easier to get fathers involved in the classroom?

Any other comments from elementary male teachers would be welcome.

Is it possible to post these questions and subsequent responses somewhere. Or, could you yourselves give me feedback? Thank you.

When I told my father I was going into teaching he said “You’re going to be a middle or high school teacher, right?” I told him I didn’t think so and I could see his disdain. I look forward to the challenges and hope to make a difference as you have done. Thanks for a great website and organization.

Jeff Nelisen
Arizona State University, Polytechnic Campus