I am writing a research paper for my English 102 class at Edinboro University and we have to write on a topic were there might be a gap in the knowledge for it. I am a pretty large male and some people from my hometown recommended to me that i dont go in early childhood because i might not get hired due to my intimidating size. I was wondering if you have ever heard of this and knew of any research on it.

Thank you,
Michael Miller

[MenTeach Response]

Hi Michael,

Great topic.

I haven’t seen specific research about that one area. I think it has been mentioned in some studies about why some people have objections to men working with young children. But fortunately, most people want men to work in the field and that when they don’t it’s because of fears, stereotypes and sexism.

It would be similar to saying that a woman is too small to work as a doctor or lawyer or other comparable profession.

Anyone else know of any studies?