Art Worledge - Yuba City
I’m sure that many people can talk about one of those special teachers. Our son had just such a teacher, and his name was Michael Moores at Yuba City High School.

Well, the school I attended was Arboga grammar school. I had reached the seventh grade and there were three of us who felt rather big and we were a bit unruly.

The principal, Gertrude Cable, decided to bring in a male teacher to bring our class under control. In came Mr. George Smith.

Now before very long we started to realize Mr. Smith was not only tougher than us, but smarter. He turned out to be a great teacher not only in scholastics but sports.

Mr. Smith literally changed my life into a positive direction and I’m sure my parents were elated.

Mr. Smith went on to be the principal of Arboga School and finally became a member and eventually president of the Yuba County Board of Education.

Mr. Smith still lives locally and from my heart I wish to say thank you for getting my direction back on track.