by Anonymous

[MenTeach asked a teacher who was falsely accused what advice he would give other male teachers. You can read his story.]

My advice for teachers who are in similar situations:

Don’t assume your employer will back you, even if they tell you that.

Insist on contacting the police and state officials…this is the law.

Get an attorney. if you do not have a union

If you have a union..join.

Your employer will want to cover themselves.
They will place a letter in your file….read it carefully and only sign it that you have received the letter.

Do not sign the letter stating that you agree.

If they ask for you to sign that you agree….get legal counsel.

An employer is worried that if this happens again (Rumors..allegations). They will need to prove that they warned you – if the situation is questionable….your side versus students’ side. Otherwise, the school district will look liable and negligent.

The letter of progressive discipline warnings, gives the school district, as your employer, an easier way to fire you – even if the allegations are proven questionable or unfounded (the legal term used by the police in my case).

The school district will fire you based on what they call a pattern of questionable behavior.

Think how scary that is….a teacher could be fired if students keep lying. If students or families know this.

A teacher’s career and life could be destroyed.