by Don Piburn - World Forum Men in Early Childhood Education (MECE)

Our World Forum Men in Early Childhood Education logo and webpage address is featured rather prominently in the latest issue of Exchange. It’s on page 79 and appears along the same row as a picture of five very muddy and somehow familiar looking boys from an early childhood program in Winnipeg, Canada J.  Readers are directed to our WF MECE homepage and a new link to an article I wrote on our World Forum Honolulu WF MECE Papahana Kuaola Learning Tour #9.  Please do read it, and tell me what you think.

Exchange September/October

I, Bryan Nelson, and Frances Carlson have an article in the current issue of NAEYC’s Young Children magazine. It’s entitled “Men in Teaching: Gender Equality through the Promise of Gender Balance”.  As first author I listed myself as a representative of WF MECE, so you may want to read what we had to say.  We are receiving strong reviews from NAEYC leadership and others on this one, so please do check it out.

Young Children September/October

Both of the above articles are freely available to share liberally via the above links.  Those of you with web-pages or other means to share, please do consider linking to and promoting them as appropriate.


Don Piburn

“Children’s awareness of gender begins in early childhood. When most of their caregivers are female, young children may make stereotypic assumptions about male and female roles (Chodorow 1978; Johnson 2008). In many societies, traditional gender roles that define women as nurturers/care- givers and men as providers/disciplinar- ians have yielded to new social practices where women and men are expected to fulfill a full range of adult roles and respon- sibilities. As prominent features in com- munities worldwide, early childhood pro- grams represent an opportunity for social transformation toward gender equality in the youngest generation (Piburn 2006).”

Young Children, p. 64.