Editorial: We Need More Male Teachers, and Boston College Can Help

As a young child, I couldn’t fathom the idea of men being teachers. As humans, we always look up to our elders as role models. And, other than our parents, which adults do kids spend the most time with? Teachers. But, boys don’t see nearly enough male teachers. Female teachers outnumber male teachers three to […]

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Global teacher shortage easing, but more needs to be done – UNESCO report

The world’s schools need 44 million teachers that are needed to achieve the goal of providing primary and secondary education for all by 2030, new data shows. In a new analysis published on World Teachers’ Day 2023, the United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) found that the shortage has been reduced from 69 […]

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Teachers form Male Teachers of Color Collaborative, hosted conference

A group of educators are hoping to diversify the teacher pipeline and inspire San Antonio students along the way. Benjamin Garcia is a teacher at KIPP University Prep High School and a member of the Male Teachers of Color Collaborative. “We’re just trying to bring more awareness about the issue of not having enough male […]

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More male teachers in Jamaica needed to boost boys’ performance, educators say

The lack of significant male representation in the classroom is among several issues being highlighted as contributing to the continuation of primary school girls outperforming boys in exit exams. Education Minister Fayval Williams pointed to the relevant statistics in this year’s PEP (Primary Exit Profile) results during a press conference on Friday. Mrs Williams said […]

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The worrying decline of the male teacher in the UK

Teacher recruitment levels are in crisis, and have been for some time. Only half the number of secondary teachers needed for this academic year have actually been recruited, according to figures obtained by the National Education Union (NEU) and the National Association of Head Teachers (NAHT). Teacher vacancies have doubled since the start of the […]

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