Editorial: Irish Teacher – We’ll change nothing if we don’t start working on our ordinary men

It was International Women’s Day this week. I wish we’d spent more of it talking about men. If you want more light in a room, you don’t discuss the light, you consider extending your windows. The same applies to gender equality. To create a better world for women we need to talk about men. The […]

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Rebranded as ‘Sirtify,’ Minnesota program propels Black men into education careers

Last year, Normandale Community College in Bloomington launched a program called “Black Men in Teaching” to help streamline Black men into careers in education. The program has since rebranded its name to “Sirtify,” and will be graduating its inaugural cohort in the spring. The program comes as the number of teachers in Minnesota who identify […]

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Why so few men are joining the teaching profession in Australia

New data shows kids are far more likely to be taught by a female than a male with women recruited as teachers 230 times more than their male counterparts. The study out of Queensland found 85 per cent of primary school teachers are female, but Dr Paul Browning, headmaster of St Paul’s School in Bald […]

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The gender gap in Irish education at its widest for 50 years

Women made up 74 per cent of teachers in 2011, up from 63 per cent in 1961 [Editor: This is article from 2014] The widening gender gap in the teaching profession over the past 50 years is highlighted in CSO census data. In the 1961 census 63 per cent of people who recorded their occupation […]

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Why are so few Black men teachers in New York City?

Black students make up around a quarter of the city’s more than one million public-school pupils. However, Black instructors are disproportionately underrepresented among the faculty who teach them. Only 19% of educators in New York City’s public schools are Black—and only 4% of the city’s educators are Black men. The scarcity of Black men is […]

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