From what you wrote, it sounds like a classic case of issues with attachments. Those 2 girls were some how traumatized or simply “taught” men are bad except for dad. The parents and other staff should have helped you instead of dismissing you. I’ve often had similar situations where my female colleagues don’t approve of my untraditional teaching practices. For example, I don’t view myself as “the boss” or the classroom as “mine”. The room belongs to me and the students it’s “ours”. I am “in charge”, but I allow them free terrain until it is time to focus and be serious. As long as they regroup when I say it’s time, then there are no problems. However, others don’t view it that way. If Jon wants to run around the room while I’m reading and no one else is distracted, that’s fine with me as long as when I ask him a question he can answer. I often was told I need “more management” and not allow the children to “rule”. Needless to say, I didn’t do well in those placements.

Many men WANT to teach at the younger levels, and most of the kids want/enjoy us there. But the women tend to keep us out. I hope that adds some insight. For attachment info research Bowlby or Ainsworth. Best of luck to you.