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Hello there,
I’m sorry to here about your feelings getting you down. I just joined the site yesterday and I’m really glad to see how many men are here to show there support for each other. I can definitely tell you I feel similar in that I am 34 now and wanting to change careers and go to school to teach young children. I have thought a lot about the age difference and it has been discouraging me from enrolling which is partly why I’m on this site, to find some extra support. I’m sorry I have not had the chance to be an actual preschool teacher, but as far as feeling odd about being older you shouldn’t. I guess the main peace of advice I can say is if it’s how you think others will see you know this, people are going to talk regardless. It’s simply a way for them to feel better about themselves, is it right? no but it happens sometimes. If your kids enjoy you you shouldn’t worry about anything else as long as they are getting a good learning experience, I hope this helps, I know it’s easier said than done.