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hi Chuck,

I agree with what you say about this site– it only seems interested in recruiting men from other fields but neglects those of us who went through the certification programs, put in our time, and now can’t find jobs. It amazes me how the role of teachers– to produce citizens is so highly disrespected and neglected. Our society is formed of so many different kinds of people, but the only ones educating them now are women… Let’s not forget about the decline of regular education teachers. Nowadays, everyone is “special”… where did all the normal kids go? NCLB has created a massive flood of districts only hiring Special Ed. teachers. What are we to do? I’ve wanted to teach since I was 8 years old, and now at 27 I think I need to change careers because the education field has turned its back on those of us with the proper certifications. I had to teach in Japan because they were the only ones to actually acknowledge me.