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Good day!

I just read the entire article about the grant you’ve posted. I’m interested, however, I have few questions. Hopefully I will find an answer. These are; 1. I’m from the Cebu, Philippines, is the grant international in scope, I just hopeful, even though I read it is a national grant. 2. I’m actually not an ECE practioner, though I have taught 12 years in the elementary level. Right now, I’m in the College of Education. At present, I’m into ECEd curriculum development in our university. Also, I handled all (18) ECEd major subjects for two years now. In fact I’m now beginning my dissertation on the impact of ECEd to early primary graders here in Cebu. 3. Where can I get the applicaion, if ever.

Thank you so much…

Mr. Jose Gatino M. Nacario
Department of Teacher Education
College of Education
University of San JOse-Recoletos
Cebu City, Philippines