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Gscalerajr, I recently started subbing last November closer to home after leaving an urban elementary school after 8 years. I got burned out there. Anyway, in the short time I’ve been subbing, I’ve noticed something. The classroom aids were extremely impressed with how much more behaved and focused the students were with me than the regular teacher. If you meet me face-to-face, I’m in my early thirties and look like I’m barely out of high school. Several parents like how I do things and maintain control of a class. One even called administration on my behalf. The teachers I have subbed for tell me they liked me and wanted to request me again. Principals are impressed with me. Even the sub caller told me I’m one of the more preferred subs. Back when I was in college, I was told by many professors how I would be snatched up in an instant. Yeah! Right! As if! Thing is, everyone knows that male teachers are needed. Teachers, aids, parents, the kids, possibly principals, and professors. The only people who have yet to receive that memo are the ones doing the hiring. I mentioned the kids in my list because when a bunch of retirements happened in one district, the kids were telling me about the possible openings. Now why would they tell me that if they weren’t aware of the need for male teachers? We’re like the elephant in the living room, only the ones who see us aren’t in a position to help us.